Friday, November 12, 2021

I knew my mom did gymnastics by the time when I was 1 3/4 year old, as well as ballet first.  She took me to gymnastics.  I wanted to stay in it to get very healthy and attractive, as well as strong and slender.  She knew I was interested in more than just strength and physical activity.  I thought I might get tired doing both gymnastics and ballet.  Obviously, I thought I'd be more special in gymnastics than ballet, and I knew I could do other things later, as well as my dad being in on this fact.  So, I thought we'd live it steady and I'd just do more gymnastics if I wanted to lose a little weight or be more "amazing."  So, I did it at age 1 3/4 until 8, when I turned 9.  At some point, my mom sorta confided in me to do it as attractive and accurate and I guess like as strong as I could, if I was into a love for movement other than just to be moving and strong.  I didn't compete because I just wanted it to be attractive and maybe not get sloppy, since I wasn't interested in it more than to be attractive.  People liked to compete because you could learn a little dance.  That's not much.  However, I was sad I couldn't go every day when I was older.  I couldn't really do what was asked, but I was the best.

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