Saturday, November 13, 2021

How is your family and relatives life?

It seems like my "family and friends" life somehow ended and we were came in as concentrating on my relatives life.

I do know the *vacations* were sponsored by my police aunt and life seemed to sorta be highlighted or accentuated there, maybe in some culmination.

I think my other aunt's daughter, my younger cousin, is upset at me if I mention such ventures, these *vacations* because they were, well, "all about her." She was in trouble more than once a minute. It might have been like an average of every 10 seconds, "give or take." I don't exactly remember for some reason, as I forget such things. It was probably often my aunts picking at her attitude. People seem to all agree, not all people, that it was my police aunt's fault, not the mom, and she has no kids of her own. They think she was the best girl in the world because her mom is so beautiful. My dad already seemed self-satisfied, secretly thinking she's better, because, like, "it was something that happened in daycare" when she was like 1, 2 years old, maybe 3 and possibly on. Just go to some peak of pleasure and it's gonna be a fight of pain on others to concentrate on her, rather than not pain etc.

I don't mean to sound bad or anything or say anything bad about anyone…

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