Thursday, November 18, 2021

Dream - On "Wings of Change"

I was wondering if my dad died, asking my younger brother and a female, and I said someone who looked like my dad was good, my younger brother.

2 or 3 times I ran into girls of varying ages at a grocery store or something, and we all did some symbolic dance of life or something.  I was on a scooter like my dad in this dream, sorta, but I also drove with it.  I "rubbed elbows" or exchanged communication with the husband of a popular lady, who was kinda like her but sorta plump and tall, sitting on the floor.  We were to come back and I might meet.

I had to go off to get my blood test and it was morning and dewy and on or to the highway.  I was at like a mall and ran into a thin Eastern European lady who totally approved of me and then I left and I saw she was with her daughter.

I had to go to an elevator that had no doors.  We all had to flap our hands above our heads and it turned into white glove wings and it went up.  I had like $700 SSI and ready to save to spend.

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