Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Chick-fil-A Interview Tomorrow

I guess I will tell them my work experience and my present situation.  Full time can be maybe 30 hours but eventually I want 40 hours, just to stay out of trouble with my aunt.  I can say I did start part time and worked my way up to full time, hopefully by December.  It's a kitchen job.  I missed 3 calls/e-mails, they didn't call to interview me like they said.  This job is to work in the kitchen.  I'm wondering if it will work out, but I won't know til I try.  If my joints hurt, I can leave saying I had a health problem.  If I have problems sleeping? well, since I will have better food I may sleep more easily.

I probably need a loud alarm clock and watch.

I'm still waiting for some refunds of like $25, which I should have at least some.

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