Sunday, October 10, 2021

I must say... awful lotta fuss my way of a Late Baby Boomer European lady who's supposedly supposed to have a "relationship" with me...  She doesn't stand out as a bad person.  I think people used her to answer common questions of an era of Late Baby Boomers and Generation XY.  They took her uniqueness like sucking out her soul as fuel to say she is different, but people are just trying to live vicariously through her.  I've seen people threaten that old people don't leave them on this earth just to be a "sexual" giver and not a receiver, as an unavoidable and natural punishment.  It grosses me out how Golden Age and Baby Boomers trashed Generation XY; I have no opportunity.  ....  I still don't get out people from my generation give something you'd want in place of Late Baby Boomers, in some processes..

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