Sunday, July 11, 2021

A Crippled and Endangered World

Why are people trying to destroy the world?

They think, "Hey, I can break into this and say it's not good enough and go wild and scream and destroy the world!"  I mean, they're not helping and think "a work in progress" is trash.

We don't seem to have as much time left on this earth.  Generation X is being mistreated and misjudged.  Someday, their parental generations will be dead.  We can't even enjoy today, like there's no time and as though some people's lives weren't meant to be free and happy.  What about today?  Are people busy sending secret messages and bothering people so they can't wind down because they got higher paying jobs?  This wasn't supposed to be a problem.

I'm miserable all the time, almost, it seems now.  It's like I have nothing to look forward to if I don't reach some goals I'm spending time feeling discouraged about.  Things are getting worse, not better, and threatened not to, even if I leave East Cleveland or move to Germany.

It's like anything that could make me happy from where I am has been prevented.  People want to identify me out and be like it's too bad for me or "flip me off."

People feel scared to respect Ellen DeGeneres, for example, but they just make up things about me and trash my life.  It's hurt my ability to play violin, too, and I get made fun of for starting since Tim Burton became more famous.

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