Wednesday, June 30, 2021


I only get $200/month of spending money from the government.

I wonder if I have to give up getting a bus pass and contacts, to get licensed to sell insurance.

A physical part time job does not seem feasible with my health etc., but we'll see...  I do like to get out.

I won't be able to spend any money.  This looks like an opportunity I need to take now, after applying for all those jobs on

I am a little wary of the course, but we'll see...  Someone told me how some people don't pass it in my family.  Someone else in my family said 2 people have jobs in sales and I know one she said works very hard and does not make as much money as I'm supposed to get.

I do feel a little dejected.  The ideal would be for me to be supported and go to the gym to lower my A1C and get off some of that medication for diabetes that's making me so tired.

I thought I would get benefits from my dad dying as a disabled veteran with me as a disabled dependent maybe diagnosed before age 18, but someone isn't doing it anymore they said who was doing it before with me.  It might take up to a year, too, to know.  I might get a caseworker to get me more benefits, not sure when.  I see the course gives you up to a month or you pay $40 to extend it.

This job might be a challenge, but I hope it works out.  In the end it may be better than any other option.

I'm still doing violin and German on the side.

So, how will I have the strength to hold a part time job while I study to get a license to sell insurance?  I need time to study, too.  The money from the job partially could be used to get the license.  That just means I can't get a monthly bus pass or contact lenses this month or maybe not even at the beginning of August, a very tight budget.  I may get some money back from RSS, too, up to maybe around $500.  If so that may work out.  I may find out tomorrow.

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