Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Recuperating and Routine

So, I just slept and rested today.


  • bank - to withdraw money for rent and the rest to transfer to another card
  • get bus disability bus pass ($48/month)
  • library - to pick up books (also have books from another library system)

I guess I'll go after lunch by around 1:30 P.M.  Dinner is supposed to be at 5:30 P.M., but they can leave it for me for later.  I have to go to all these places by bus.

I'm also working on getting licensed to sell insurance.  I may need a job to pay to take the exam and get the license and start practicing, a total of up to $400.  I am taking the course now, which is free.  If all goes as should, I should be able to move to an apartment in August sometime.  I am trying to get another job for now to pay for the licensing process.  The job itself is supposed to be easy and the girl said repetitive, but it sounds interesting and pays well.  I think full time you can make $130,000/year.  That's about $10,000/month.  I just want an apartment, for like $1,300/month and to eat out.  I'm not sure if I will get a car soon.  If this job doesn't work out, I know I got asked for other sales job.  With my health, it's good I can work at home with this one, too, though.  I know some people just work part time on weekends, maybe sell 6 things on Saturday and Sunday each.

I'm still trying to do violin and German.  If I don't do a job like this, I will be stuck poor and miserable in a group home.  They seem very flexible, too, though they did also say I could have agents work under me, as a likely/natural possibility, within a few months, which gets me paid even more, though I don't need it.  I'm still gonna live in a cheap but nice apartment and save my money, maybe a lot of it if I make that much.  We'll see how the free course goes.  I got other sales offers, but this one might be the best.  I wanted to work in an office, but working at home may work out better, especially with my health.  I sure took a beating just for being in this group home.  I feel people are out to get me.  I did tell the lady in charge I was moving out.  I feel very pursued and discouraged.

So, this course, I think it's 2 or 3 chapters a day, and the girl said each chapter is like 20 or so pages long, and there are like 8 minute videos.  It seems to be at your own pace, though, and I can ask questions.  She said it was high school level.  It sure beats flipping burgers-

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