Friday, April 9, 2021


I'm shaving my hair; it won't hold anymore dye, anyway, and getting nice products for it.  So, I'm going to a salon to get to get it shaved.  I got some hats, one I like, a set of caps for working out, and a hat without as big a brim.

I also got a Fire 7 Tablet and a cute case.  It says, "Don't touch me."

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My NOOK internet won't work.  My dad let me get an expensive one, too.  I got the smallest tablet of the Fire, $49 but like $120 with the extra things.  Nice way to save and a good deal.  You can watch movies on it.  I got it mainly for reading, but still, sounds like a good idea to start.  The only setback seems to be the regular Kindles are anti-glare, but I wanted color.  Oh, and support for my NOOK didn't e-mail me back.  I just realized I should try to call, but I don't think I can do much on it and it seems to break a lot.  I had one before that stopped working.  I didn't use them much, yet.  So, I think everything does come in Sunday, before jury duty, and I don't know how long jury duty will last.  I have a backpack where I can even fit my laptop in.  Actually, it's a small purse backpack.

So, tomorrow I will go get my hair shaved off and probably eat something and get a smoothie or Asian coffee/tea.

I'm going to a group home the beginning of May.  I'm supposed to have 2 weeks of clothes.  I need to see if I need to buy more undergarments, too.  I need to call about some other things I may need, too.

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