Friday, April 2, 2021

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The topic's about Bella Thorne, who is in the pink dress.

Here she is with Chloe Moretz. Chloe Moretz is 1 year older (born in 1996) and from Georgia. Bella Thorne is from Southeastern Florida, in the county above Miami, and so am I! Johnny Depp lived there at least most of his life growing up, as well. Celine Dion also moved there much of her life, I think. Donald Trump and Olivia Newton-John lived in the county above that one, a place where people like to retire, where I also lived, nasty place and not as great as the other county. It's pretty bad. My choir director and organ teacher's daughter moved this county above Miami, too. So, her mom visits there, I think. They are millionaires now from the husband's hotel in New Orleans, but she was a Talented Music teacher who just does church now. I'm actually moving back to the area to a group home.

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