Thursday, April 8, 2021


I have to remove the dye from my hair and then am redying it and highlight it.  I should come in the mail in several days to a week.  This was $58, pretty cute.  To remove the hair dye, I am using L'Oreal color remover powder mixed with L'Oreal 20 Volume Creme Developer, the later having bleach I think, I think hydrogen peroxide.  It's pretty strong.  There's an Oops! color remover that you have to wash for like over 30 minutes, actively.  I wasn't up for that, never done anything like it.  I can't seem to get hair dye to stay in my hair, though, since I removed the color a 1st or 2nd time this time, too much has been processed I think.  However, I don't like its present tone.  What I'm using to remove color you also can't get in your eyes.  I have 2 layers of dye now, a dark orange-ish tone brown gold and a medium brown with nice highlight effect, seems kinda like pink or some odd color.  It has a strange hue and not as dark as the dye says.  It kinda looks pink from far away in the light, like outside.  I chose this hair dye and highlights because it looked the best of its kind.  I thought the highlights would be cute, though usually I don't like them.  At least I will be doing it by myself.  My hair is about the same length as in this picture, too.  I want to grow it out, in a way, but the dark dye won't stay in my hair, after all this processing, including removing hair dye, anyway.  This could be fun, though.  I wanted to see what more "natural" hair lighteners would do in my natural hair, too though.  Not sure what that would look like.  When the roots grow out, I'll have to take care of that.  In the past, I usually have shaved it off, it seems, why it's been so short in my 20s, like not much longer than shoulder length overall, which I do like, which just looks funnier fat.  Sometimes, I don't look as good.

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