Sunday, March 21, 2021

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at the major ballet school in Orlando

I wish ballet was more accessible to adults to perform as well as take class because I can't give up my career like most people because right now it's music and I changed from piano to violin as an adult. I can't find an opportunity to do ballet on the side. If I weren't in music or art, I'd switch to ballet. CFCA had a dance team, but you have to audition and it's closed during coronavirus. The auditions were crowded and I couldn't remember the steps. I know CFB has "The Nutcracker" auditions open to the community and probably other schools. I found one for my age maybe, but it was too expensive and I am not giving up my focus on music as #1, at least not now. I did want to dance even more when younger but go back to music after a break since I had too much homework to practice anyway, and the dance keeps me in shape at the same time and I see my friends there if I could do it at that level at first and a good break from homework and way to get blood flowing in a nice way.

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