Thursday, March 25, 2021

My Post on Reddit Now


I've played for 6 years and I still hit other strings a lot.

  1. I felt my arms get numb when I hit my desk, sometimes the computer keyboard, when I was mad from "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." The first change was that I felt pressure when I punched my wall, did not not know for sure anyone would hear way in the living room with the TV; I was upset at cold shoulder racism from the internet on the Johnny Depp board on the IMDb Message Boards back in 2008. I didn't punch very hard, but I did break a hole in it, which I of course wasn't really expecting, neither. I've punched walls when mad, otherwise, but I forget what happened that made me mad. Also, my health declined and I felt more clumsy and often very angry, since 2006 and another point at 2008 perhaps. I was upset people avoided me on Johnny Depp related message boards.
  2. I took group string class in college in 2004-2005, almost an hour probably MWF, and I seemed like the only one who practiced. I never hit other strings then, and the songs were very easy. I had this feeling they should have said I was good and encourage me to do it in college, along with piano.
  3. For the longest time, I hit other strings. I got better, but I got a seasonal job and had a hard time. I went back and played some keyboard, then, too. I felt beat. Even, my knuckles hurt, but it got better overall. So, I went back and lo and behold my old habits that piled up came back.
  4. One teacher I had for longer said to just keep repeating if I hit other strings. It was grueling, though, and I didn't make it through because of how hard my life is. However, in class, I didn't hit other strings as much.
  5. My shoulders are wide, and I dislike it in some ways. It makes it hard to bow. It's partly helped to be like that to take gymnastics classes since I was age 1 3/4 years old.
  6. I practice, I practice, not as much as I want, but this is holding me behind, and it makes practicing not as worth it or easy to do physically. I do play loud, but I mean it's been 6 years and I'm hitting other strings. Who else seems to have that happen? Probably no one. People missing their right arm play better than me, weird I can't do it. I don't have problems so much keeping track of notes when all is well or with bowing, which is getting better and encouraging in other ways. I'm not saying I even know how to practice right because my teachers seemed to think I was too old and didn't do some things with me a certain way. So, I just feel no one can conclude I should be rewarded for my skills because I brought these problems on myself.

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