Monday, March 29, 2021

Facebook Post by Me Now - Training to be a Veterinary Assistant

I wouldn't mind training for 1/2 year to be a veterinary assistant, but I'm pursuing violin. Veterinary assisting can be around $30K-$40K/year but also $20K/year. I want to do animal rescue. I couldn't find how much veterinary assistants specifically in animal rescue make. I can get this certification online. Maybe, I can do it in the group home and then get out of there and make all this money. I also will practice violin. I can play outside or on my electric violin with headphones, in the group home.

Prior, I had considered being a concierge or hospital receptionist, which you can get certification for but don't have to. They make $20K-$25K/year. I just hope my knuckles wouldn't hurt like when I folded clothes at Macy's, after awhile. I had compression gloves but had to replace them with regular gloves to cover the dry skin on my fingers so it would not damage the clothes by scratching them.

It's just rewarding to see animals cope and heal with problems. I am particularly interested in helping stray cats and kittens. I also like when starving dogs are nourished from malnutrition into health. I wouldn't mind other animals, pets or wild but mostly pets because they are so affectionate with other humans. I don't want to work with animals just to check them up, though. I want animal rescue or something else exciting. I bet it would also be fun to do research on animals. That's not a hands on job all the time but sometimes I'm pretty sure. I guess the most you can do is be a veterinary assistant rehabilitating animals to the wild.

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