Tuesday, March 30, 2021

"Cats" (2019)

I wanted to watch reviews and found one that said he was sorry for the way it was remade, all in all.

"...And my opinion now is that..." the first Cats was more balletic, and the 2nd Cats is more like a stretch from musical theater to the pop scene.  Now, we know some people prefer ballet and sometimes musical theater, and in pop it's stuff like Britney Spears and Latinas that grace the contemporary scene.  So, this was "*pushing the envelope."  The performance was very clean, like they knew just what they wanted, but apparently this reviewer didn't get it and doesn't seem like an arts connoisseur but maybe into movies.  Yea, you can tell I just think it's all about people my age acting a certain way.  I think that's what the movie was trying to deal with and clean up and present before an audience.  A lot of people have "really packed their bags and left" in realization of the present pop scene and its leftist limits.  They act humble and "changed," but I'm still here and I've also grown older since before, like they have.  I felt guilty for enjoying the music and plot because I know it all so well but don't contribute much to the pop scene like this.  I guess it's sorta "the opposite" of Britney Spears.  You've got to put yourselves in their shoes a bit to understand why it's so different from the first movie and in the stage versions.  I fear everyone thinks what I do but is controversial about this like they were with the remake Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005.)  Most people want to seem cool like a happy child from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and people act like only some people can.  I think they're just out to get people for things like their ethnicities.  They hit a high point and then make a plateau of prejudice for certain people in general, for things like mixed race or being jealous of them.

*pushing the envelope - "means testing limits and trying out new, often radical ideas." (link)

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