Sunday, March 21, 2021


I realize I'm not that talented in art, I just understand it and maybe like certain kinds though and yes to classical art.

Actually, art was my thing growing up.  Everyone's eyes popped out whatever I did.  It seems like my parents got me into it because I didn't want to dance.  I started gymnastics at age 1 3/4 and stayed in that.  They let me draw at age 3, early on within the time I was 3 probably or possibly a few months after.  I won 1st place in about all the coloring contests, if not all early on.  My hands were probably strong from gymnastics.  I went on to bring smiles to my peers's and adults's faces, into high school.  They seem to use art more in theater than music, but the periods in art and music might be the same.

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