Thursday, February 11, 2021

"The Wizard of Oz"

I remember how festive it was when, where I lived age 12-20, they had The Wizard of Oz one year as a production performed at a local community theater.  I think Hollywood will play it down and look cool, but it was a great event where I lived.  It got me into things like dance (ballet) and accompanying musicals more.

I got to audition for Dorothy, but I didn't make anything.  I was most jealous of the female jitterbug dancer.  I had wanted to take dancing for health as well, but my mom kept me in piano, where I couldn't practice when I had so much busywork from school.  I used to watch Cats (1981/1998) on weekends at night when everyone was asleep, a time I was usually up doing homework or later.  It made me want to dance or go back to ballet.  I wanted to do ballet before, but they didn't have it where I lived.  I did get to do it some and minor in it in college.

Actually, I tried to play for it, but it was too hard.  I've played one line parts on the keyboard for musicals, though, in high school.  My Talented Music teacher even had me play songs I knew from lessons for a senior play when I was in my 3rd year of high school, senior year being the 4th and final year of high school, here in the US.  So, then, I got to play the main part on keyboard.  Actually, I played the tuba part for band in 8th grade.  The teacher actually sought me out, when I thought there was no opportunity.  He also said I was too good for him to teach piano to, maybe my technical skills were good somehow or I practiced hard enough as a beginner.  By the time I was 15, I think I told my grandma when we visited Up North that I wanted to do music and English, and the music would be on piano.  I did projects in school related to this desire, as well, since I was age 7 years old.

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