Saturday, February 20, 2021

DId the internet ever really take off?

MySpace and Facebook didn't seem to exist until after I started college.

(I wish I got a BlogSpot.  I could have at 13.  The internet became popular when I was 11.  I may not have even heard of it until high school.  I got on MySpace and Facebook late, when I was 21 in 2007.  I got on Blogger at age 23, year 2009.)

Still, life was nice at the start of the internet being popular but grew to become quite shallow!  I e-mailed and did the free greeting cards online and everything early on.  Just too bad my friends barely IM'd or anything and I moved away.

(My life could still be worth something?)

High school would have been a good time for something like Facebook.  Hopefully, something like MySpace will develop or Facebook will be more flexible technologically/aesthetically.  It's nice our forefathers/parents left us with the internet, but life is more to be lived starting when you're in puberty.  (I got this idea watching a TV show.)  Things were indeed exciting around 2009, though, 2008...  Long ago, things and possibilities were left open.

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