Monday, September 27, 2021

Ex er cise

I did a 5 minute cardio, 10 minute upper body, and 5 minute butt lifting workout.


Should we brainwash people out of racism, or does that pose as a threat to anyone?

Questions Etc.

May anyone pop up later and say I should have spoken out?

Different Tactics

It's cute how some people whose eyes are closer together so they supposedly would cross less ... me what keeps me firm is things like how sturdy and massive my shoulders can seem.

Late Baby Boomers

It seems that some Late Baby Boomers all they're willing to do is point out things to improve, but silly boring things that may not even be a valid suggestion, like "clean the toilet seat more..." and leave and you may be up to see another suggest something such as that.

They're only looking to get and not give, it seems, after being advertised otherwise, leaving the world with false impressions.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

I don't mean to be inappropriate...

Highlight to read:

What It's About: A Pimple on my Private Area

I got another pimple on my private, biggest yet.  It was where it hurt when I sat.  There was a bit of blood soaked on the side of my underwear.  It was kinda dark and grayish.  It came out a little blood red on my toilet paper.


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Backup Plan 2

Most schools don't have Biochemistry.

I guess a Biology major and Chemistry minor.

Backup Plan

I wanted to do something for fun where I could talk to other people about it.

Maybe, I can take one college course at a time, more some time maybe.

I thought I'd major in Biochemistry and minor in Psychology.

I also applied to work like at Asian restaurants working with customers.

If I could do violin now at a competitive conservatory, in whatever country, maybe I'd major in Violin and minor in Violin Pedagogy.  I want to do Historical Performance / Early Music, though.

I'm doing violin myself.

I'm working part time to get enough food etc., eat out, and be strong enough to work full time and move out.

I like other things, like traditional art, which I've been doing art since I was 3.


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Thursday, September 23, 2021

I have another "good one."

If someone is holding out, you push them in a timely and affective manner to see if they will show.

Great Lives

Other people have great lives, even though there's no one monitoring them in private.  I'm missing that part of life.


Do you think it's awkward how people say "nine eleven?"

"Freedom of Speech" "No, no, we are Russian!"

People think they're better than me and have a strange desire pouring out for me to put up with maybe an English-Australian lady involved in monitoring me in private..!

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

"The Merry Professor" 😛

I am condemned for what was done to me, my schools goofing off all day and giving us things like busywork and not preparing for a college setting, at least not at some schools or competitive ones.  I also wasn't a blonde and didn't act like a teenager at age 6.

People keep acting like I have a negative intelligence and am bad.

I wasn't treated with the respect I deserved, as a child.  People want to find out and freak out if my parents are different but better in some way.  My parents did care about me, in many ways.

So, yea, some children are loved more by company.  I think it was about liking people who encourage you not to worry about people who seem to be nicer than them and still interesting as people.


Most people today dropped out of life already.  They themselves don't even like to do things like know how to pronounce "acai."


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Monday, September 20, 2021

"When you wish upon a star..."

If I could redo what I did growing up:

 Daycare/Afterschool Care
 Music - private violin lessons + orchestra + private singing lessons
 Dance - ballet + gymnastics classes + baton twirling
 Athletics - swimming + tennis lessons

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Swedish girl
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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Query ... "Girls in white dresses, with blue satin sashes..."

It seems funny that people who want things many others do get told they're not the first, and you wonder when people started tapping into the thing you're trying to, like wanting to move to Germany or England.  How are you supposed to ^know^ such things?  For instance, I was put in ballet at age 5 because I took gymnastics, too, and people believe I got myself behind, but I wanted to do it and so later, but there was no place close enough to where I lived at one point.  I wanted to start when there was, but my mom said I could only go once a week, and this continued until I minored in it in college.  I wanted to do violin at age 6 and singing at age 5, but I didn't get private lessons or anything.  I asked my dad and grandma, and my mom was in the room.  My grandma brought it up.  I saw the singing in school on the TV when I started kindergarten.  I realized my preschool didn't do music at age 3 and 4, but at least I was bright in other aspects etc.  (I am watching a video of ballet in England, and she just said "bright!")

Sewing Classes

I want to learn how to make patterns for clothes I want to design.


I have a 2nd and 3rd interview set up for different Starbucks locations.

🤷  Hey, work is work!

I'm torn between a big Mocha Frappe and Vanilla Iced Coffee and Iced Tea variations.

To further the adventure, I'm moving to an apartment and guess will have to revolve around here.