Friday, November 13, 2020

Plan to Survive

I may have to move out and support myself when my dad gets worse.

I wonder if I can get a certification or if it would not work out to study music, online or on campus.  I also found, if I get another job, I may not be able to go back and do music, classical music.  If I don't get a certification, I may not have as good a job.  I guess I should continue to try to get a certification.  Now, I am more interested in one that may take a year but know one I can do in half a year.  The one that takes a year is to be a receptionist at a hospital, and the other is to be a hotel concierge, like the front desk, etc.  A concierge's salary has a bigger range, and a medical receptionist is in the middle.  Neither are very high, looking at the $20K's.  It's barely more than I make at Macy's part time, folding clothes.

Part of the reason is I want a job that fits me and that might make enough for a studio apartment.  I get SSI, too, and I can't make above a certain amount if I still want to get it.  My SSI is about $780/month, and I've been giving my parents $300 for rent.  I've been on it since 2010.  I get it for taking pills for schizophrenia, but I don't think I really have it.  The pills make me tired.  I also am on a lot of pills for diabetes but do not want to take insulin.  I can get off these, too.  My parents want me on the pills for schizophrenia.  So, I can get off them when I move out.

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