Saturday, July 7, 2018


Everyone, enjoy!

I hope I can take responsibility for improving my thoughts when I feel dared to process words people detect and dislike to them.

Oh, boy!  It's the weekend!  Gotta do some math and speech and see about another class.

I know I am always nice and people look at me and start things with me.  I just feel defensive, and they make me think of bad words or someone got it in me.

"Ho hum diddly dum."

Hm ... people want to feel important and caught onto my benefits, try to expose people I like who are older in bad ways.

I feel I would make it in Europe because I'm nice and stuff.  Why can't an American make it, in the world?

I hope I make my life better.  I don't know how to deal with awkward bemused-ment.  It makes me agitated and bad words seem to come up.

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