Monday, July 2, 2018


Noticed in general and interested, why do people go into relationships like they won't terminate?

The Young at Heart
I feel set up to lose my relationships, and I'm not interested in people, as it's like only kids matter and maybe people who graduated from college on time, while I was given a hard time for, maybe, no good reason.

Cast Down and "Life Is Unfair"
People keep acting like I don't amount to much, just because they feel bad and they can.  I'm not that bad to start, but I feel I'm getting worse and worse.  I'm on psychiatric medicine that makes me tired that I don't need that I have to take if I live with my parents.

People Who Know Me
I'm being tested, even by people monitoring me in private probably, that if I don't see myself in a certain way, at one moment tested, that I will never amount to anything next to other people.  That's an easy one to cast down, as most people seem repulsive in behavior and manners and in general.  Also, they see me in private or something and I have people I'm related to, and they all acted funny and then turned on me.

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