Friday, July 13, 2018

Most people who seem sensitive/emotional yet aloof seem to wake you up in strange ways but just have deep, dark secrets, in the end, in ways that say they have nothing to hide, like they're just a part of the shadows, as of since being a young child.  It's those kinds of people you don't catch in the media and are surprised to learn their authenticity as a personality exists and has somewhere out there.  There's a lot of these people holding up walls, around.  They're those people one step below perfection.  Perfection is when you are overly into looks being emotional and things like being thin in some way.  The people I was talking about are like aloof people there in the cool, maybe not "Little Miss Perfect" but more of a tomboy or artistic for a boy.  So, you can be into being perfect, neat, and clean or groovy and aloof.  Both are into artsy things, if you let them express themselves to see.

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