Saturday, July 7, 2018

If I go to a different community college...

German - 4
Violin - 1
Music Theory - 4
Choir - 1
Ballet - 2
Jazz Dance - 2

Total: 14

That-a-way, when I'm not in college I will be caught up in my health with the exercise from dance class and can continue to stay in shape, later on.

I'm concerned I might be in late classes and need to focus on homework and the practicing at home.  I use the bus.

I had this really nice rolling long duffel bag, but I think it got thrown away.  I'll have to find another good rolling bag.  I won't need as big a rolling bag as before because I don't plan on showering there, with the things I need that go with that, like hair dryer, shower shoes (rain boots,) etc.

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