Thursday, July 5, 2018

I talked to a counselor about my math teacher bothering me the whole class last week, and now I feel in trouble.  I just don't want anything bad to happen!

I feel a bit invaded, as what it is.

It seems people from older generations got a chance to get ahead and compensate me.  I don't stand a chance.  A lot of people are mean and don't like me.  I go around and get constant racism.  I get dirty looks and people shying away like I'm not good enough.  Sometimes, it's not like that, but there's always the chance!

I feel like I've been robbed and taken advantage of, my life compensated.

People all are interested in ruining my life, sometimes, around me, it feels.  They want to make sure I don't have relationships how I want with who I want or even what other people also want.  I do come across some people.  I wish we would exchange Facebooks and start something.

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