Saturday, July 7, 2018

How It's Going

Well, I am trying to do better, but situations are getting uncomfortable and uptight from now.

I'm excited I might be an in extra ensemble in college.  It might be the secret key to moving up.  I'm starting college private violin at a community college, as I started late.  I'm excited to play with other people, as I was in choir age 8-18.

I've had BBCA (British Broadcasting Corporation for America) on, which is narrated wild animals as of when I've watched it all night and day.

People have gone crazy judging people by who their parents are and what their parents are like.  That plain and simple doesn't improve things for me.

I wonder how some people in the more west of the US feel stimulated moreso or want to moreso, in different ways.  I don't see people carrying their kids here in Orlando much.  I saw they did in other places, I think including in Florida.  Like, if you see a person from the South cross their eyes, it might leave some impression on you that you can't quite get, though.  I wonder what's different about the US and Europe.

I feel like I need to be as conservative as possible.  It's not fun to just eat out at any time with people or things.  The movies aren't fun because of other people, often.  I can't interact much.  Everything just turns out bad, like I have to worry I'm in trouble from being upset when inconvenient.

It seems that someone or some people think that an older person I like who is being exploited is bad just because they are nice to me and things are hard, though the first person I mentioned makes it worse.  What should we do?  It may be detrimental to people what these people do.  It probably affects a lot of people.

People keep trying to interact with me saying when I make a point I am inappropriate.

Why do I feel ... Domed? Damned? Darned?

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