Friday, May 18, 2018

My Life Is Different...

People ruin my life for no good reason and let others go.  If I am stressed and feel upset, I can get in trouble for suggestions people pretend I mean to make in the crossfire, just starting in my mind.  They don't want me to talk about these things because they tie them to other things and it makes them uncomfortable or feeling at a loss and in guilt, in general.  They assume I am just pinpointing things I am not supposed to talk about.

So, my life is ruined while others are let go.  They then make up excuses like I'm not good enough or bad racially in new ways.  I should care about what I do, but I didn't used to have such problems.  Someone got something stuck in my head that I get in trouble for thinking.

Sure, they care in cases, too, but hey I'm just saying it happens!

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