Thursday, May 17, 2018



"Hi! I'm Noa Kageyama
Here's how it all began..."

She started violin young, and she went to Juilliard.

She also became interested in psychology, as opposed to performing violin, but she is also a high ranked faculty of violin including being faculty for Juilliard and something in Miami, at the same time.

At a private college where I do community violin, a nice black girl who started violin at age 2 was concert master and double majoring in music and a major going into neuroscience, I think.

I know I was best in gymnastics because I started at age 1¾, even though I wasn't on a team.  I still remember before I started.  That was all I wanted to do but not be on a team.  My mom put me in ballet at 5, and the gymnastics teacher said ballet helps with gymnastics.  I also was the leader in beginning baton, starting baton at 7 and leading at 8.  The gymnastics also made it so I could sing rather well.

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