Wednesday, May 16, 2018

"A Little Weird"

Why do people even think they need to say anything or get involved ruining my life?  It's like they could have just minded their own business more.  It looks weird to get involved, like to just pop up there; it's not like they communicate with me otherwise nor before.  I know they don't want to get into trouble with my "enemies" for being nice to me, but it was something weird and unnecessary.

The problem is how do I get my life back?  I'm already 31 years old.  It doesn't seem like I can start some things at this point in life, socially nor some physical things that can achieve great glory.  I was doing music in college already, but I was coaxed out of it and wound up having to leave school.  So, I lost my lifelong talent, in some way.  People seem to see me for other things that aren't as good for me, like maybe I'm having trouble in school myself and need to focus on the idea I have barriers to penetrate, kinda like when people advertise especially nursing or culinary school to people.

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