Tuesday, July 17, 2018

"Christina is nothing.  She took a break from college."
What if I'm not interested in some people.
I don't have rights and I'm not having fun in this as of 2005.
It's like no one cares about me now.  I still can be happy how I am.  I'm just tired and guessing why.  I am frequently dissatisfied with how things are going, where they're headed.
Everyone wants to hurt me to "play it safe."
I keep being told in hard times I am bad.
The person I like who is older used to be a strong person, and now the world has made them possibly succumb.

Do you think she is really having fun?  Why do I have to "worry" about her so much and not just care?
I can't lead a happy life.  I don't know where I'm going or what I'm doing.  I can't be happy with my family.  It's so hard to be together like this, in this day and age.
The world should not be at my relationship.  I am already worried, I mean.
People have faith things will be okay.
People are acting like I'm not as good, suddenly.
They are feeding off me and others are getting inappropriate things, instead.
I'm feeling sad I can't know someone I keep being told I can, on the other hand.  She knows other people, maybe..  I'm sad because of the contradictions but do like her.
I feel like people are feeding off me.
Is anything wrong, at all, that matters?
I'm being emotionally abused.  It's racism.
Things are still looking down.  Everything must be left off on a negative note.
I plan to move to Freiburg, Germany, so I can attend more concerts by the orchestra I follow online.  I want to live in another country.  I am calling to ask for help and probably get a job and learn violin.
I just am worried about someone.

"Okay, cards on the table!"

Why are some people acting like they want to talk to me and then not?  I assumed no.  I assume not even a little just to take from my life.
The people monitoring me in private find problems that aren't there!
I'm feeling glum, like people simply collectively think I am wrong.

The people monitoring me in private or involved keep acting superstitious about the regularity and temperament of and associations with my private thoughts.  I get in huge trouble when the explanation is already clear!  Even if I am sorry, I get shot down for being sorry or thinking I can make a departure from being there because I'm still involved and it's up to them.  People keep getting mad at suggestions I make that I don't and it worries me because I'm considerate of some people.  What's more, I'm tested about my opinions when I feel bad.  I don't want to be mad or really argue.  I don't think like a robot and feel like I want to retract.  People are taunting me like I forced someone older to talk to me somehow.  They worry me because I think she is being treated like things don't matter and some could be sneakily bad for her.  They have weird connotations.  They care about only themselves.  They think if a fact combines with another fact I don't mean and I didn't mean it's bad.  Since living in Orlando etc., I think off and I don't mean to single out people in my thoughts.  I keep being told I can't have a peaceful life, and it's been like so long or my whole life and everyone is jealous of my accomplishments.