Saturday, July 22, 2017

Generations - Partnering etc.

My generation of girls is expected to see boys around our age as being as good as a parental figure, but Generation Z kids with Late Boomer parents don't have to do that.  Also, that only happens with work.  Most boys don't do that emotionally.

I hope..

..Late Boomers and their Generation Z children do not recognize themselves in my last post.  This is a general post, ahar har har!


If we are to let Late Boomers and their Generation Z children feel inappropriate yet pleasurable feelings, what is it about them also being the ones that "make it" as pleasuring others, whereas others are claimed not to maybe be able to do this easily? and when we can't do this supposedly to them, we get nothing.

Other Languages

The more familiar you become with a language, the more it will sound natural?  It's funny how people seem to pronounce "Vietnamese."

I've taken Spanish a total of 4 school years in my life, but 3 of them were Spanish I, tho I got the highest 100 at a public school that was medium-large, like 200 people per grade I think.  I actually signed up for French and was in French club the year before while I wasn't even taking a language.  So, no, I didn't get to take it.  I also thought I was skilled at singer's Italian Diction & Repertoire in college for a semester.


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Religious Occasions

Friday, July 21, 2017 - church sock hop for ministries - Facebook group


Did you notice patterns/artwork of African wild animals have been popular in babies born after my generation?