Wednesday, January 19, 2022


Did the Late Baby Boomer European lady I'm supposedly supposed to have a "relationship" with have to be "better" than me?

Has the government accidentally ruined my life?

Violin Lessons in a Community College

Violin lessons for 1/2 hour a week is 7 hours of practice a week.

AA - Music Performance

"Students interested in studying music at the associate's degree level can choose from music performance or music business programs. Many graduates of these programs go on to earn bachelor's degrees, but graduates can find work as singers, musicians, artist managers and more. Oct 20, 2021"

Possible Jobs for the Beginning of 2023?

With an AA in Music...


"Studio Musician, Instrumental Teacher, Voice Teacher, Music Director/Conductor/Producer, Accompanist, Media Composer/Arranger, Music Score Preparer, Composer, Music Therapist, Music Journalist, Audio Technician, Recording Engineer, Audio Designer, Media Composer/Arranger"

I wonder if I could work for a recording company in L.A. or if that requires a B.A./B.S.

I feel so much better, went on the treadmill for 20 minutes, at 15 minutes went faster until 1 minute left.  I was jogging for over 10 of the 1st minutes, too, just walked like 2 1/2 minutes at the beginning and the 1 at the end.  It's a fuss to go there, regarding the bus trip and time. I guess with a car you'd go for like 10-15 minutes to a place.

I had a monthly smoothie, at least, with fruits.  I felt so good right away.  I could eat more but am tired and sore.

I did some grocery shopping at Wal-Mart.

I tried to sign up for school, more tomorrow.

I have a Zoom psychologist appointment tomorrow morning, 11:30 A.M.

It's a hassle to take the bus, especially not knowing I have a hood with a tie and without thick and insulated pants.  My money is limited.

I want to get out of the group home, hard to work sharing a house and taking the bus.  I'm trying to get an AA, instead, in Music.  I hope to get a BM, too.  I'm in Violin, now.  I just want to get out.  It's not even a home where it's progressive.  It's like they all were told to treat me like an ingrate of society.  (An ingrate is someone who is "ungrateful.")  It is an all African American community and very large, the city area, East Cleveland.  The mentality in the group home or "halfway house" is to accept your fate and let it rock and let the sparks fly.  Etc.  All I have that might land me a job is good grades growing up etc.  I have no degree!  I'm about to see if I can get a degree with an AA in Music.

Maybe, my hip hurting is making me tired.  I should call it a day soon.

"Real" and "Related" "Relationship?"

Is this Late Baby Boomer European lady I'm supposedly supposed to have a "relationship" with really happy to be famous but I'm regarding some support coming from like the idea I'm in trouble?

(I met her, and they started off that it was bad.)


I edited my last post.

"Feed the Birds"

I was having fun walking down the East Cleveland area, happy as a child, and when I saw some birds and stopped because maybe they thought there was food where a drink can of some sort was, a black man seemed to think, "Get outta town!" like someone else would consider it more important than a human.

I was wondering about eating chicken today and what kind of life the chicken had, and I thought well the result is only as great as the least part, something like I've heard say, as a famous saying, at least in the U.S.  My eyes felt a bit like popping when I had thought of the chicken, just came to mind.

Edit: When I saw the birds, it was the big snow time.  We were able to walk down the road, again.  We only got one big snow time, the rest was like a few days maybe of like an inch or something.  This was like 1 1/2 - 2 feet.

Why I Want to Leave

The reason I left the 1st group home is the same reason I want to leave this one.  I get agitated by the people here: in charge, living here, and how it is living in the area combined.

It seems all group homes are similar, like if the government pays for it.  There seems to be no other option.  It's hard to work because you don't have your own kitchen, bathroom, for most bedroom, car, or home.  You have to take the bus, maybe a few walk.  There's not enough food here, and the last one didn't have well portioned food distributed throughout the day.  I am going to see if I can get Food Stamps again..

Group Home - Cleaning up After Others

Today, the group home leader yelled at us over the phone, via a sub leader, and, if someone else doesn't clean the kitchen, we have to do it instead.

Only 2 of us 5 clean the bathroom, and some people are negligent.

There are a lot of agitated thumping sounds here, and it "gets on my nerves."

It's me and 4 boys in East Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

I am hoping to get an AA in Music, but I may need a 4 year degree for a lot of jobs.  I am not sure if I can enroll this semester.  I'd like to get out.  I've been here for about 1/2 year.  I've already started my music degree, 1 1/2 years.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

I have to call someone at the school tomorrow morning.

I think I just need to get on the treadmill to feel better.

Tomorrow, I go grocery shopping, probably, might bring my gym shoes, even, even if hard to fit, can buy less if necessary.

I did exercise today but actually not much cardio stuff.  The treadmill is most effective for me, now.  The bus there wasn't running today, hopefully tomorrow.

Tomorrow, maybe school starts.

Cleveland, awaking from a dream.  (The snow melting.)

I feel like I want to find something I lost, and I don't know what it is, exactly.


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I walked to a grocery store today and got 2 cans of soup.  It was still 1 or so feet of snow!  I wanted to get more food etc. at Wal-Mart, and Dollar Tree, but that bus route wasn't working because of the snow.

I played violin for a housemate here, a male.  He is, I think, 50 or 51 and from Texas.  He is African American and has an accent.  He's very nice and smart.  I played "Wachet auf" by Bach, "Reflection" from the Disney cartoon Mulan, some of the pop song from the late 1990s "Killing Me Softly," and the pop Latin song "La Bamba."