Sunday, November 19, 2017

One thing weird and everything is messed up.

It’s some big thing involving my family.

I’m still on the lookout for booboos with all these problems that you shouldn’t do just like this.

My life sucks too much to function.

They think they can just have me guilty.

It’s been a miserable year with the person I look up to off inappropriately stimulated by the whole world all the time.  Looking at the year on the calendar and marking this memory?  People are so helpful about it, but the people involved monitoring me in private keep making it a toss up problem.

How am I supposed to have my relationship like this?

So, “what’s the big idea, here?”  Wasn’t my problems with the world enough?  Now, my relationship needs to be fixed.  Is there something wrong?  I already said I suggested the world not inappropriately stimulate them all the time.  Don’t I still get it?  I was good.  I was in the right.

They’re being delayed like I’m bad if a bad thought comes up and wanna discuss it?  They caused it.

People think they can erase my life experiences, too, and replace them with the person I look up to,

They think something big happened here and won’t stop bothering me about it, the bad thoughts when hurt.  They said I was someone how I don’t wanna.  They went back to it.  It was someone older than the person I look up to and like all is good.

I already said it was better not to have the whole world inappropriately stimulate someone I look up to.  It’s not my problem to bear.

I think I have been catching them always having a release of disturbance and inappropriate stimulation every other moment, sometimes it seemed.  Like all they do is say, “Ooh.”

Also, I’m upset how things are going concerning making a big deal of if a bad word comes to mind or something.

My dad woke up in the middle of the night after I did, probaby to get at me for the bad wordsthat came  up, like he didn’t, tho.

My dad woke up in the middle of the night after I did, probaby to get at me for the bad wordsthat came  up, like he didn’t, tho.

They keep pinpointing a person in a nasty way, well others, who I respect and rub them in.

Something goes wrong, and they make a big deal of it.


My mom woke up and coughed saying something mean just cuz I freaked out and bad phrases came up.  I didn’t put those thoughts there.

They won’t stop because I posted here.

They won’t quit running it for me.

They are messing with the idea I could have kids and what it could be.  They won’t quit.  They just keep ruining it for me.

People keep caring about someone I look up to like they are a baby.  Even if the whole world wants to stimulate them all the time doesn’t mean they have new special needs that interfere with our relation.

They also keep making a scene asking people I’ve met and can talk to for approval and doing favors for them.

They keep being mean to me if I am upset that they hurt me.

They purposely gloss over my thoughts to toss them aside, excitedly, and act racist, upset I am superior to them.

Someone won’t get outta ruining my life.  Someone else made it this way, too.  They just coax out of this belief when they talk and do it again.

It’s ruined it for me for posting here.  It became about them in the meat acting vulnerable and a pity for the whole world always thinking about stimulating them.

Someone went over promoting the idea anyone born after Late Boom are worthless.

They won’t stop this stuff I talk about.

They keep acting like I am guilty.

They ruined it for me with stupidity.  They are missing something mentally.

After I feel okay, something bad happens, like I did something wrong and they have to always even it up.  They pretty much cancel out the whole relationship and point, like it’s rather “brilliant” to do so, ruining it for me, and in some new way, every time, like my being upset  about it is intolerable.

Some people won’t stop being allowed to dictate my life and ruin it for me, showing their side of doing stupid things concerning me.

I’m fed up with being in trouble blaming me for bad thoughts entering my mind, when I’m sick of a life of unnecessary problems in order to pay for some end.  People made it so bad thoughts would come.  I am not gonna act accepting about it, like other people do of such sin.  No one is helping out.  I can’t seem to fix it.  They keep ruining it for me.  If a bad thought comes, it’s over.  I don’t agree with them.  I hate fixing it for them, like they’re in charge of this mess and like I’m bowing down to them.  My life is quite miserable.

They keep ruining it for me like something good has to be sacrificed.

They said the person I look up to has nothing left for me...

Again, I am not in the wrong.  You keep ruining it for me more just for posting here, like I’ll die by doing so.

It’s like I think the person I look up to supposedly trashed me.

They keep saying the person I look up to has nothing left for me.

They keep at me for the bad words and phrases that come up in my mind when they mistreat me, etc.

I’m tired of posting.  They won’t stop cuz I posted here.

They woke me up, too,  I can’t seem to doze off.

They are acting like someone who betrayed me in my need.

They keep at me like they have something on me, not letting my life be okay.  It must be someone hating me from afar.

I might not mean to lose it like that in my head, but I’m still mad.

My dad woke up and bothered me with his coughing like he’s inappropriately stimulating and hurting sons I look up to.

They keep at me for the thoughts they adjusted in my head when I lose it when I’m mad.  They might use it as a philosophy to ruin what my relationship can be.

They just keep trashing me like this.

I can sense their back talking me and surrounding me, making fun of when I’m polite and considerate.