Sunday, May 20, 2018

An "Old Habit"

People feel pressured about generation.  They think some people were born to be a certain way and others were born to be another.

Being Apart From Civilization?

Why do people say you have to be with just your parents, when they hate them?

It seems like my generation disappeared in shame.

What excites you?

The fact that the world can all change for the better? like say if people like me were gone.

What's Popular These Days

Why do people think being mentally rebellious is attractive?

Downgraded to Make Way for Others

People think if someone new comes into my life I should be downgraded and shoved aside from my life, like those people who think like their life doesn't seem to matter enough.

Ruining the Future in the Past

I don't get good things and later it piles up and I never get it and it never seems to stop.

People Who Care or Don't Care

You know how you can act cute and no one cares, but others don't act cute and people care?