Thursday, September 24, 2020

Feeling Arguable and Aggravated

I want to go to bed, but someone is going in the attic for awhile to check for coons.

"Tools of the Trade"

So, I see the tactic/trick.  The older lady I like offers me more than reasonable to others, so people can say it should all be taken away.

Why does she "get" stuff and I get told no, like I'm undeserving constantly for many things?  They say others don't have it so why me ... why it get in the way with her as my friend? that she gets stuff and I don't, like that?


People think I'm a dark race and that dark races aren't okay.

I don't matter and am violated.

So, the older lady I like has everything she wants and can be separated from me now.


Why do some people in Europe think I'm different?

Framed and Ambushed

Funny, I was tackled in a subhuman condition.

I don't get it.  There are many good things and is work to do other than do that to me.

Even if I solve that I'm good, people get in my way and don't believe me.  They hold anyone close to me I like a lot hostage.

2 Things People Are Convinced Of

They are convinced an older lady I like is meant to be isolated from me because she's popular and better than me and instead she's for the whole world to be stimulated by, and that makes sense to them, perfectly, though she's with other people.  It's a wonder they had that idea and were turned on to use it just on her, while others are protected and prevented, in their hopes, from being overly popular, so it's just this older lady being stimulated by the whole world, like it's a turnaround and fits everyone's wishes ... though it's really happening in a bad way.  It takes some perspiration to achieve something, though.

They are convinced I'm bad and there will be nothing interesting in the world for me.  I was always considered very good - did what I was supposed to do, behaved will, did my schoolwork and excelled at those schools, was nice and friendly, perfectly normal, etc.